Written by Laurent Micheli / Satrring Mya Bollaers, Benoit Magimel, Sami Outalbali, Els Deceukelier / Produced by Wrong Men, 10:15! Productions, Lunanime

Belgium – Francie 2019 / 90’
V.O. sott. ITA



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Efebo Perspectives

Lola is a transsexual girl
who has just turned eighteen. She has moved away from her family
since two years and is now living in Brussels where she shares
a flat with her friend Antoine. She has decided to undergo sex reassignment surgery but her mother’s death forces her to come into contact again with her father. The two set off for a car trip to fulfil the deceased woman’s last wishes and they soon are cast into a conflict.
‘Lola’ is a road movie that explores
the dimension of time through the claustrophobic dimension of space. It looks into the deep chasm and ups and downs leading the protagonist to rise again from her own ashes.


efebo_doro_film_ Lola_regista

Laurent Micheli, born in 1982, he is a Belgian director and screenwriter for the cinema and theatre. His debut in the cinema dates back to 2016 when he was still a student at La Fémis and shot ‘Even Lovers Get the Blues’. ‘Lola’ is yet another piece of a precise thematic vision whose narrative focuses on love relationships in the new millennium and on the liquidity of human relationships. The film has been welcomed by critics and has been nominated for seven Magritte prizes in 2020.

© Laurent Micheli, Kim Leleux