Written by Javad Daraei / Starring Saeed Ahmadi, Fariba Talebi, Sarina Yousefi, Fariba Torkashvand, Farahnaz Manafizaher / Produced by Mehdi Koohzadeh

Iran – Germany – Canada 2020 / 80’
V.O. sub. ITA



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Efebo Perspectives

Shadi lives in the same village
village where she lost
both her parents. They were accused of having killed Hasti, their daughter’s play-mate, so they were killed to revenge her death. The little Shadi was then adopted by her uncle but she had to face the marginalization the inhabitants of the village forced her to experience starting from school. Metamorphosis in Slaughterhouse describes the
cruelty of taking justice into one’s own hands and the social and psychological consequences it has on the individual. He does that through the clear, green eyes of someone, though innocent, who pays the highest price.



Javad Daraei, Iranian director, chooses the path of
making cinema immediately after graduating from high school. After the short films I don’t like her (2016) and Limit (2017), Metamorphosis in Slaughterhouse (2019) was his debut feature film. By taking care of every aspect of his films, from the script to post-production, Daraei claims a cinematic philosophy (and practice): it is possible to make high-quality works also with a low budget.

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