Marco Amenta

Written by Marco Amenta, Roberto Scarpetti, Ugo Chiti, Niccolò Stazzi / Photography Sara Purgatorio / Editing Esmeralda Calabria, Letizia Caudullo, Aline Hervé / Starring Vincenzo Amato, Sveva Alviti, Daniele Monachella / Produced by Eurofilm, Oberon Media, Achab Film, Simonetta Amenta, Enzo Porcelli

Italy, 2021 – 94’

First screening



Cinema De Seta

Efebo Perspectives

Salvo is a fisherman and lives a solitary life overwhelmed by his nostalgia for the past that he seems to be clinging on. This bubble of melancholy he lives in bursts when a macabre discovery is made: the corpse of a drowned immigrant. His desire to bring the dead body back to his wife, who is unaware of the tragic event, will push Salvo to set off for a long, uncertain journey. Very soon he will meet Lea on his way, his former partner, who will join him in this road-trip. The two ex-lovers will then have to face the ghosts of their tragic past once and for all.



Born in 1970 in Palermo, Marco Amenta started his career as a photojournalist for the local daily newspaper Il Giornale di Sicilia. In 1992 he moved to Paris where he graduated in cinematography at the University Paris VIII and made several short films for French news agencies and magazines. In 2009 he made his debut with the first feature film, La siciliana ribelle, based on the story of the justice witness Rita Atria, which was presented at the Rome International Film Fest. His second feature film is Tra le onde, which is competing among the Italian premiere works at the 12th edition of the Bif&st, Bari International Film Festival.