Written by Agustina Macri, Paolo Logli / From the novel Amore e Anarchia by Martín Caparrós / Starring Vera Spinetta, Giulio Corso, Marco Cocci, Marco Leonardio / Produced by 39FILMS, Cinema 7

Italy – Argentina 2018 / 110’
V.O. sott. ITA



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Efebo d'Oro

It is 1997 and the twenty-three-year- old Soledad Rosas leaves Argentina and her conservative family to start a new life in Italy. Soledad moves to a squat house
in Turin where she meets Edoardo Massari, with whom she starts a relationship. Happiness does not last long and in 5 March 1998 the two are arrested and charged with terrorist attacks against the high-speed railway line under construction.
The situation pushes them towards a point of no return. In her debut feature film as a director, Agustina Macri takes inspiration from Martín Caparrós’s novel to tell the troubled story of a young woman who tragically becomes the symbol of Italian anarchy.


efebo_doro_film_ Soledad_regista

Director and a graduate sociologist, Agustina Macri is currently developing and producing films and documentary projects in different countries for which she is collaborating with the same documentary- maker team as Oliver Stone. Soledad, shot between Italy and Argentina, is based on the novel by Martín Caparrós and marks her debut as a feature film director. She has also directed audiovisual products for iconic Argentinian rock bands and the backstage of the documentary of the Cirque du Soleil for Soda Stereo, SET7IMO dia. Macri is currently working on a series of documentaries for Netflix such as Fangio and Boca Juniors.

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