Written by Benjamin Charbit, Frédéric Farrucci / Starring Guang Huo, Camélia Jordana, Xun Liang, Maurice Cheng, Tien Shue / Produced by Koro Films

Austria – Germany 2019 / 95’
V.O. sub. ITA



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Efebo Perspectives

Jin, an illegal immigrant in Paris,
makes his living by driving a night taxi without legal permit. He is a passionate DJ of electronic music and during one of his shifts he meets Naomi, a stripper. While planning together their escape, they start an affair with some danger.
In his debut film, Ferrucci uses a dark approach to present a face of the French capital different from the one shown in postcards by transporting the viewers to a dilapidated environment illuminated by neon lights.
Non-professional actors move in the circles of the local mafia, which has started a modern slavery based on the exploitation of illegal immigrants.



Frédéric Farrucci has written and directed four fiction short films: ‘Entre les linges’ (selected for the Césars 2020), ‘Sisu’ in 2015, ‘Suis-je le gardien de mon frère? in 2012 and ‘L’offre et la demande’ in 2008. He has also produced several documentaries.
‘La nuit venue’ is his first feature film.

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