Efebo d’Oro Lifetime Achievement to Anna Bonaiuto

Actress with a strong adaptive capacity and an extraordinary sensitivity for the suggestions arising from scenic writing – whether original or of literary derivation – Anna Bonaiuto is a central protagonist, internationally appreciated, of Italian cinema and theater. The interpretations, measured and intense, in the films of the most celebrated directors – Martone, Moretti, Emmer, Sorrentino, Verdone, Corsicato, Luchetti, Özpetek, Comencini, Avati, Ferrara, Andò – have marked unforgettable milestones of contemporary cinema in our country and rightly they have been recognized by a prestigious palmarès which could not miss, in this 2020, theEfebo d’Oro Lifetime Achievement – Banca Popolare Sant’Angelo.

In 1995 Mario Martone entrusted her with the role of the protagonist Delia in L’amore molesto, from the novel of Elena Ferrante; for this film she wins the David di Donatello, the Silver Ribbon, the Golden Globe, the Golden Grolla and the Silver Efebo as best leading actress.

The film will be presented in a version restored by Lucky Red in collaboration with 64 BIZ and Augustus Color in which the most interesting novelty is that, compared to the 1995 film version, the parts set in the past have been brought back to a striking black and white. , as the director had imagined them in the original screenplay stage. With this choice Mario Martone intended to restore to the story that hardness not only aesthetic, but present in the original spirit of the screenplay and in the themes of Elena Ferrante’s novel.