Written by Gianluca Abbate / Sound effects Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri, Giuseppe D’Amato

Italy 2018 / 8’



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Efebo d'Oro New Languages

A dream-like atmosphere distinguishes
the second chapter of the trilogy
by Gianluca Abbate about contemporary society and the relationship between individuals and landscape. The welcoming and soft voice of a woman
invites viewers to fully relax and surrender to the background noise: the chaos of the industrialised world populated
with passers- by, tourists and busy shops. In such a chaotic landscape, where living space seems to be reduced, a sudden change is produced by immersing
the viewers in an underwater landscape. A polluted sea which suddenly becomes populated with colourful micro- organisms, where a voice-over invites us to sleep.



Gianluca Abbateis a director of experimental films. In 2016 he was awarded the Nastro d’Argento for best animation film and in 2015 he won the prize for best short-film at the 32nd Torino Film Festival.
His films have been screened at various festivals and museums such as the Ann Arbor and Chicago Underground Film Festival, at the MAXXI and MACRO museums in Rome,
at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Hiroshima, in Moscow and Istanbul, at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and Alternative Space LOOP in Seoul.

© Gianluca Abbate