Fatih Akin

Written by Fatih Akin / based on the novel Alles oder Nix di Xatar / Photography Rainer Klausmann / Editing Andrew Bird / Starring Emilio Sakraya, Kardo Razzazi, Mona Pirzad, Majid Bakhtiari, Sogol Faghani, Julia Goldberg, Karim Günes, Hussein Eliraqui / Produced by Bombero International, Corazón International, Lemming Film, Palosanto Films, Warner Bros. Germany

Germany/Italy, 2022 – 140′
V.O. sub. ITA

Premiere screening



Cinema De Seta

Efebo d'Oro

The film pieces together the hectic life of the Kurdish-Iranian rapper and producer Giwar Hajabi, who later would become famous with the alias Xatar. He moved to Germany in the late 1980s with his family and to support himself he joined some shady cocaine trafficking circles. When one of the drug deliveries disappears, he tries his big shot to save his neck from the cartel. In prison he finds in music the instrument for his liberation and redemption.



Born in Hamburg to Turkish parents, Akin has promoted and cultivated his passion for literature and writing since he was a teen-ager. He became globally famous with the film ‘Gegen die Wand’ (Head-on) which was awarded the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and, in the same year, the documentary ‘Crossing the Bridge – The Sound of Istanbul’ (2007) was awarded the prize for Best Screenplay at the 60th Cannes Film Festival.