Written by Luca Lucchesi, Hella Wenders / Produced by Road Movies, NDRArte

Germany 2020 / 90’
V.O. sub. ITA



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For years, the black Christ of Siculiana,
a town near Agrigento in Sicily, has been carried in a procession by local aristocrats chosen on
a hereditary base. This time it is the nineteen-year-old Edward from Ghana who
of the porters. This offer shakes up the community and fuels a heated debate which upsets the identity of one of the most deeply felt and ritualised religious celebrations
in the whole Mediterranean area.
A Black Jesus is a group work of a Sicilian author who has been working in Germany for years and manages to look at his land with an open mind, without a local approach. He therefore takes on a disruptive standpoint aimed
at challenging the very idea of border.



Luca Lucchesi, has lived and worked for years between Berlin and Palermo. and since 2010 he has been a screenwriter and director for German cinema and television. In 2013 he established the production company Wunderland Filme with Hella Wenders. He mainly does documentaries and in the past few years also short music videos. One of his favourite themes is travelling.
He has been assistant director for Wim Wenders and has worked as photography director for the German director’s short film ‘Notes from a Day in the Life of an Architect’, which was presented at the Venice International Film Festival in 2012.

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