Written by Ali Hamid Nejad, Ali Shourvarzi / Photography Saaed Nikzat / Editing Sara Ahani / Starring Bahareh Kian Afshar, Shahram Haghighat Doost, Khatereh Asadi / Produced by Art House

Iran 2020 / 86’
V.O. sub. ITA



Cinema De Seta

Efebo Perspectives

Maryam is a 20-year-old Iranian girl who is forced to lie about her relationship not to have to deal with the rigid rules of her family of origin. She has to pay a high price for her freedom, the price of lies and obstacles, which make her path dangerous.

Ebrahimi’s story tells of the difficult generational gap between parents and children and, in particular, of the problematic life of women in a country such as Iran…and not only there.



Ali Ebrahimi started his
career in the cinema in 2005 as a set-designer assistant and costume designer. His first short film, ‘The Smile of God’ (2013), has been presented in numerous festivals. After having been successful with short
and animation films, ‘Hot Scent’ is his debut feature film.

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