Written by Caterina Serra, Alessandro Rossetto / From the rnovel Effetto Domino by Romolo Bugaro / Starring Diego Ribon, Mirko Artuso, Maria Roveran, Nicoletta Maragno / Produced by Jolefilm, Rai Cinema

Italy 2019 / 104’
V.O. sub. ITA



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Efebo d'Oro

Franco Rampazzo is a businessman in the building sector who decides, together with his loyal surveyor Gianni Colombo, to invest in the business of old age. In particular, they want to turn huge, abandoned hotels into
luxury nursing homes for rich pensioners coming
from all over the world. It is a true
‘paradise without god’ and death, a business unexpectedly attracting richer and more powerful men who had no qualms about trampling on small entrepreneurs and their projects.
It is a harsh and painful story taking inspiration from the novel with the same title
by Romolo Bugaro and it deals with the progressive aging of the population in Western countries and the collapse in the building sector, which is going to kickstart the ensuing and inevitable precipitation of the event, exactly like in a game of dominos.



Born in Padua on March 21, 1963, Alessandro Rossetto studied cinema and anthropology in Bologna and Paris. He is an author for the cinema, a director, photography director and cameraman, and he has been acknowledged as the main documentary makers of his generation in Europe. He is also a producer and film professor. In 2013, his feature film Piccola Patria was presented in the Orizzonti section of the Venice International Film Festival.

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