Written by Nguyen Quang Lep / From the novel Dao Cua Dan Ngu Cu (The Island of Aliens) by Đỗ Phước Tiến / Starring JPham Hong Phuoc, Ngoc Thanh Tam, Nhan Phuc Vinh, Hoang Phuc, Ngoc Hiep / Produced by Blue Productions, Live Media

Vietnam 2017 / 92’
V.O. sott. ITA



Cinema De Seta

efebo d'Oro

After having roved for a long time,
Phuoc decides to stop at the restaurant White Night
with the hope of finding a job and enjoying some quiet albeit for a short time. Shortly after, however, he understands the upsetting order the owner of the restaurant has set up. He is also the controlling father of Chu, the only shining soul within the crumbling walls confining the workers. By employing a rarefied and nocturnal style, and a lush and shadowy colour palette at the same time, even if it is broken by bright flashes from time to time, a story develops soaked with passion and jealousy, desire for redemption and violence, quest for independence and stability of feelings. It is a stop in a place of transition like the one the title evokes, which is at the same time concrete and metaphorical. One bumps into it while roving through the darkness of a white night where reality cannot be distinguished by one’s inner world.


efebo_doro_film_ TheWayStation_regista

Hong Ahn, born in 1976, she studied at the Dance Academy of Ho Cho Minh City before graduating in cinema. She started her career as an actress for TV and cinema and won numerous prizes, such as the one for Best Actress at this year’s Dubai International Film Festival. The Way Station is an adaptation of the novel by the writer Do Phuoc Tien and is a happy debut as a director. Among the numerous prizes, the film was awarded as Best Film at the ASEAN International Film Festival in 2017.