The Efebo d’Oro Award for Lifetime Achievement goes to the director Costa-Gavras

Costa-Gavras, a naturalized French Greek director, internationally renowned filmmaker whose filmography is synonymous with civic commitment and intellectual honesty, goes to the Efebo d’Oro Award for Lifetime Achievement – Banca Popolare Sant’Angelo. during the 43rd edition of the Efebo d’Oro Festival which will be held in Palermo from 14th to 20th November 2021.

At the same time, the Efebo d’Oro – International Film and Fiction Award, created to underline the intense exchange relationships between cinema and literature and which over the years has become a real film and writing festival, in 7 days of programming will present 8 films taken from literary works competing for the Efebo d’Oro, 8 first or second works in competition for the Efebo Prospettive, in addition to the Nuovi Linguaggi – Città di Palermo.