The Research Centre for Cinema and Narrative was founded in November 1978 by a group of professionals, scholars, executive officers and media workers as a non-profit entity with the aim of promoting cultural initiatives, particularly in the field of cinema.

The main event the Centre organised was the International Prize Efebo d’Oro (Golden Efebo) that overtime has gained its reputation among other national film prizes for its originality and illustrious figures who have participated in the various editions.

The Centre has always directed part of its activities at young people by organizing talks and screenings specially tailored for school students. It has also always promoted Sicilian short and feature films and different cultural events, such as the celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Leopard by Luchino Visconti.

Throughout its long history, the Centre has organized conferences and seminars with the participation of scholars, filmmakers, writers and critics, and it has collected and published documents and proceedings.

The Centre has created a specialized library with over 4000 volumes that has been recently donated to the Regional Library ‘Luigi Pirandello’ of Agrigento, with the aim of preserving the memory of all past activities and to make books and other materials available for scholars and students.

In the last few years, the Centre has started a renovation process by expanding its managing board to include well-known journalists and writers, renowned cultural managers and young people specialized in organizing cultural events.

The Executive Board

Egle Palazzolo
Nicolò Lombardo
Antonino Gerbino
Mariannunziata Di Francesco
Laura Busetta
Gaetano De Bernardis
Giuseppe Leo


Beatrice Agnello
Vittoria Bottone
Sergio Buonadonna
Laura Busetta
Paola Catania
Vincenzo Cordaro
Rosa Corrado
Gian Mauro Costa
Federica D’Anna
Gaetano De Bernardis
Maria Di Francesco
Antonino Gerbino
Giuseppe Leo
Eliana Lo Castro Napoli
Maria Lombardo
Nicolò Lombardo
Ida Massa
Egle Palazzolo
Geraldina Piazza
Giuseppe Taibi
Ignazio Vasta
Gabriella Curella Taibi


NICOLO’ CURELLA (President from 3 November 1978 to 21 May 1981)
NICOLO’ LOMBARDO (President from 22 May 1981 to 9 February 1987) 
ENZO LAURETTA (President from 10 February to 13 November 1987) 
GABRIELLA CURELLA TAIBI (President from 6 December 1987 to 13 December 1991) 
ENZO LAURETTA (President from 14 December 1991 to 19 September 1992)
STEFANO MILIOTO (President from 20 September 1992 al 26 January 1994)
EGLE PALAZZOLO (President from 5 February 1994)